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Automatic variables in sas

automatic variables in sas

What are automatic variables in SAS? Within a data step, SAS automatically create a couple of reserved variables. Automatic variables in SAS are created automatically by the DATA step or by DATA step statements. These variables are added to the program data vector however are usually not output to the data set is created. The […]

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SAS Loops Explained

SAS Loops

Loops allow you to execute SAS statements repeatedly thereby reducing the number of code lines.
The flow in loops can be classified as entry controlled or exit controlled. If the programming compiler checks for all conditions associated with the beginning of the loops executions are validated and true, then it is called as Entry controlled loops.

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SAS date formats: How to display dates correctly?


SAS date and time are one of the important topics in SAS due to the fact that SAS date and time have unique characteristics. SAS dates are not numeric not character variable, when displayed it resembles character but it is stored as a number. SAS date begins from January 1, 1960, and has a value of 0. Prior to this date are negative numbers and those after this date are positive numbers. SAS Formats are used to display values in various formats. There is a number of different SAS date formats which you can apply and make the dates readable.

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